Our Expertise

We combine medical and risk management expertise to create a system to control workers comp costs, EMR and Recordable Incidence Rates, while providing superior care for injured workers.
Risk Management 

Risk Management 101

Never risk a lot for a little

Never risk more than you are willing to lose

Always understand the risk and probabilities

Employment Health Services

Safety Programs                  Heat Injury Prevention

CPR                                       Diet Management   

First Aid                               OSHA 

Physicals                               Fit for Duty Testing

Employment screening       Health Assessments  

Drug Testing                         Asbestos Physicals

Defensive Driving                Respiratory Physicals               

Injury Management 

Injury Management is what we do. It is a process for controlling the risk and impact of employee injury. Every organization has a system, whether by design or by default. The question to ask yourself is, "is our current system effective, measurable and achieving the outcomes we need?"

Health Education &Wellness

AXIS utilizes a consultative approach to help employers identify employee health, safety and wellness risks; And then develops a systematic approach to improvement and achievement of desired outcomes.  

24-7 Nursing Triage

24-7 Nursing intervention using our AXIS-CARE system provides immediate care and guidance for injured employees and supervisors, from trained medical professionals providing options to off site providers and emergency rooms.


We call it, "Right Time...Right Care!"


Onsite First Aid Centers

Large construction projects, manufacturing facilities, or corporate environments have much to gain from the expertise and compassion of an onsite nurse. ARS provides fully customized turn key approaches with fully stocked first aid centers, medical equipment and medical professionals.