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AXIS-CARE 24/7 Physician Teleconference

Doctor on a telemed call
Doctor on a teleconferene

AXIS-CARE 24/7 in partnership with AXIS Occupational Health, presents a 24/7 Physician  Teleconference visit.    

Most times a trip to the physician is inconvenient and the costs of an employee to take time off from work to do so, add up quickly.  Now a visit is just a phone call away.  No more lost time of driving to an appointment, and sitting in the physician's office waiting to be seen. 

  • Medical Physician available 24/7

  • Proprietary teleconferencing software- mobile smart phone or tablet 

  • No appointments and no wait times

  • Convenience of having an online physician visit on the job or at home

  • Prescriptions, if needed, called into local pharmacy


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