Heading 1COVID-19 Telehealth

Nurse with Protective Mask
AXIS is committed to helping our client's navigate the challenges that COVID-19 poses in the workplace. Our trained medical professionals stand ready 24/7 to provide detailed guidance and risk management on all COVID-19 issues.  
How it works
  • AXIS medical professional listens to employee concerns and records all data
  • Provide employee with current CDC guidance
  • When appropriate, provide recommendations for COVID-19 testing 
  • Establish any quarantine requirements with employees
  • Establish return to work plans for employee 
  • Immediate reporting to employer via the AXIS COVID Tracker Portal and App
  • Document vaccinations and dates
  • Monitor employee's progress
  • Provide notifications to employee and employer of approaching return to work dates
  • Verify employee is ready to return to work

For more information, please contact us at 770-464-1818 or corporatenurse@axisrisk.com