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" Injured employees view AXIS-CARE very positively. Our employees feel that their employer really cares about them since it has provided a nurse to watch over their medical plan of care... your nurses develop a good rapport with our employees and help them to keep a positive mental focus during the healing process."


Doug Page, Executive Vice President

Champion Specialty Services

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"The AXIS-CARE program is a real differentiator for us in the market. I am very impressed with the results."


Nick Maddox, President

White Electrical Construction Co.

Atlanta, GA


" I am impressed with the outstanding performance and recommendations of your personnel in managing injuries and providing care. The on-site care provided by the AXIS Risk nurse team working jointly with the site HSE Manager was instrumental in decreasing the number of MD visits and substantially reducing the number of injuries that were classified as recordable cases."


Larry Poppell, Project Manager



" Partnering with AXIS-CARE has created a positive environment for our employees needing medical assistance by giving them options for home care while saving lost time, lost productivity and significant cost for the company... It is truly a win-win."


Darrell Holliday, Risk Manager

Global Power

Atlanta, GA


" The care services provided by your staff had a significant positive impact in substantially lowering the projects recordable incident rate by providing immediate professional medical care to any injured employee."


Dennis Peterson, HSE Safety Manager



"AXIS-CARE has become an important part of our safety culture.  Having a "company nurse"on call provides our site staff with immediate support from a medical professional.  The follow-up nurse calls monitor recovery progress and assure injured workers that the company truly cares.  AXIS-CARE has played an important role in decreasing our incident rates and lowering our EMR." 

Kevin Swanson, CFO and Risk Manager

United Forming, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


“I want to take a minute to tell you that I am very impressed.  Our injured employee felt very informed and reassured with the care and follow-up process.  My confidence in your team is high and my expectations were exceeded!” 


Robin Young, President

Young Electric Company

Chattanooga, TN 


"Relying on the AXIS Team for medical management and injury intervention, takes a tremendous headache off our management team."


Jerry "Living the Dream" White

Champion Specialty Services

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"We truly appreciate AXIS-CARE because they not only look out for our associates in the field, but they also have our back to ensure claims are properly managed from the initial incident until the associate returns to work.  It gives me peace of mind to know AXIS-CARE always has our back!"


Stephen Smith, CFO


Dublin, OH


"We have been utilizing AXIS-CARE for several years and appreciate a partner that is willing and able to keep up with our growth trajectory. Mike and his team provide services that help us provide the best immediate care for our employees. AXIS-CARE has become an integral part of our safety program."


Jeff Filippo, President/CEO

1910 Legacy Enterprises, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


"I am happy to see the positive response from our employees. From the time we first met with AXIS, we were told that one of their goals was to make sure that our employees felt cared for and they have definitely succeeded."    

Charles E. Davis, Project & Risk Manager 

Fly & Form Structures Inc.

Atlanta, GA

"Your company has been nothing short of a GREAT investment we have made! Your team is a phenomenal addition to our safety department, making it stronger and much more robust! What used to take hours of painful phone conversation from across the country is now managed without a worry by your team! The claims management process pays for the cost of the service almost immediately. Of all the business decisions a company makes annually, your company's service is a no brainer decision!"


Tiler Williams, Safety Coordinator   

Bard Manufacturing Company Inc.  

Bryan, Ohio 


“I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your team for helping us over the last couple of years. AXIS has been a big life saver and cost reducer. As you know, we were immediately sending our folks to the clinic, having a drug test done and being moved with rapid speed into the worker’s comp system.  At this point, we lose control over the employee and their treatment in the clinic environment. We want to do the right thing for all of our people, and we’re in a very dirty & dangerous business and work at a fast pace.       

We have cuts, bruises and strains every month. Having the ability to call and face-time with your medical staff on a moment’s notice has been a game changer. The tracking and follow-up documentation has been stellar as well. We tell our folks that if it’s a major event to go straight to the ER, but anything else, just take a breath, wrap it in a towel and call AXIS. We are over two and half years with AXIS and consider you a partner in our business.”     


Marshall O. Myers, General Manager

Accurate Forklift

Atlanta, GA 



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