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                        ONSITE NURSE CARE

Our nurses become "Your Company's  Site Nurse" to help treat and manage injuries and illness, decrease the number of unnecessary MD visits, and reduce the number of recordable injuries.  


AXIS-CARE Onsite Occupational Nurses provide a tremendous return on investment

  • Decrease the number of claims to your carrier

  • Eliminate unnecessary lost time cases and reduce recordable injuries

  • Provide strategic nursing care at your project while fostering an environment of Employee-Employer cooperation  

  • Facilitate transitional duty and return to productive work as soon as possible

  • Nurses provide daily follow-ups to monitor for progress and reduce complications such as infection

  • Complete assessments and provide symptom triage by answering employee questions and offering reliable health information to help make better informed health care decisions and facilitate more appropriate utilization of health care resources


  • Convenient onsite occupational nurses who can treat injuries and reduce unnecessary emergency room, urgent care or primary care physician visits

  • Our nurses develop a good rapport with employees, decreasing their worries, and help them keep a positive mental focus during the healing process

  • Reassurance and teaching provided when your employees want to talk with a health care professional about a medical issue

  • Information and guidance on protecting the health of your employees, including self care tips and help deciding the appropriate level of care for illnesses and injuries

  • Allows your Safety Team to be out in the field doing what they do best

  • Assistance with Respiratory Physicals, Fit Testing, Drug Testing, and more

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